Potential Bug? Dropdown Menu doesn't function on populated screens

So I followed a few other people on the forum to create a dropdown menu to select an option from a list that is created in blocks–but when I tested it (both on the live app and the android app), it didn’t work.

Initially I thought I had the code wrong, so I rebuilt the same function on its own screen. Identical blocks to what I had before worked perfectly (blocks are below). I was able to click a button to display a list, select one, and then have the initial value become the selected value.

I went back to the screen I was working on, which has multiple fields for a user to fill out (see below), and verified that the blocks were identical (they were).

It seems to me that this dropdown/list-picker can only work on a page if there are fewer things populating it? Any insight as to why this behaviour would happen? That seems to be the only thing I can think of that would create this kind of behaviour–happy to be proven wrong though!

Here are the blocks:

Here is the screen with multiple fields:

Can you be more specific? What happens when you try this with more components on a screen? Does it display the list viewer correctly but have no effect when you click on an item? Does it display the list viewer but only partially? Does it not display the list viewer at all?

Screenshots of the effect help, too.

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