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Hi Thunkers,

I don’t know about you, but for me, after you created a long list of variables (app or stored), starts to be annoying search for a specific variable in the lists, because the block editor keeps them ordered by creation.

Before submit this suggestion (to sort and order alphabetically), I want to ask if there is any “hidden” configuration to do it, or if you agree that this can be improved.

Please give your opinion on the pool below:

  • Do you prefer the variables list in block editor sorted by:
    1. By creation order (as is today)
    1. Sorted Alphabetically (more easier to locate in long lists)

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Paulo Vaz


Maybe there are other ideas in the crowd as to how we could better present a long list of variables to the user?

Any designers our there wanna jump in on this discussion? We love to hear community feedback!!

I had some suggestions here:

Note that this was before the word “variable” was added to every single variable block which I think makes them unnecessarily long. The color coding should be enough (function variables are just displayed as “i”, not as “function variable i”).

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Yes, I see your idea to split by type, but anyway, the alphabetical sort will be very welcome in addition to this, don’t you agree?

In large apps that manipulate lots of variables, really sucks search where the variable is on the list…

Let’s hope the staff change this soon!

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Yes, I would prefer alphabetical sorting of variable names.


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