5 number variables: How to order them according to value?

Hi Thunkers,
I have a quiz app on the go and I’m working on feedback on errors. I have variables counting the number of times a particular error is made and there are approximately 5 possible types of error. On the final results/feedback screen, I want to show the user which error was made most frequently at the top of the screen and go down through the error possibilities to the error made least appearing at the bottom. I’m new to this so I need your help if you can spare me a little time.
Let’s say the user has var1=5 (errors) var2=4, var3=3, var4=2 and var5=1. Now these results should appear in 5 labels in a column starting with the most problematic error at the top and the least problematic at the bottom. Can it be done without a listpicker?

Hey @hecticPastry :wave:

You can use the sort numeric list block to show your variables in increasing (or decreasing) order.

Hope that helps!

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Yes, thank you. That is just the job.
Is there a way to remove variables in the list which are equal to zero?

No problem at all.

You need to add in some logic to do this manually, so if the value is equal to 0 you would just exclude it from the list.

You can find the if statement in the control blocks.

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Many thanks, Dom.

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