Removing items from list

Hi Thunkers,

I have tried the other threads on this and still don’t get it.

I have a list which is populated with numerical variables (20). I want to display these variables in labels, but only if the value is above zero. Zero value variables in the list are irrelevant.
So, I gave it a shot and tried my first ever loop to achieve this…and failed. I tried to attach an image of my loop here but access was denied for some reason. The result is that it does not remove any of the many zero value variables from the list and fills up the labels with zeros.

Could anyone show me a block example of how to remove the variables with a value of 0?

Thank you.

try this
Hope it helps

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Hey @hafij51331saau,

nice example @Patrick_Elisha! We got here at the same time!

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Patrick, thank you. It was helpful indeed.

Thank you, Jared. I’m getting there slowly.

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