Help sorting a list!

Hello community !
I have an issue out here.
I have this list in which items are saved under the form

-Name -Space -Number

And I want the numbers to get sorted in descending order.

I found this block but don’t know if it can be useful or how to use it : image

Thanks for your help !

Hi there @AcrobatEpee,

You can use that block in a similar way to what I have shown below. I sorted by alphabetic, but you’ll use the block as numeric. Just place it between your list using the ‘from {YOUR LIST NAME} set TextItems to’ and follow it with the block ‘from {YOUR LIST NAME} get TextItems’.



Hello, I’m coming back here because your method doesn’t really work for me.
Let me explain :

Here is what my list is composed of image

Note that here :
name = a name so both numeric and alphabetic
score = a score so only numeric

And I want to sort the list by the score variable. Can you please have a look and tell me how you think I could do this ?

Thanks @mediazombie !