[Solved] Sorting a list made of alphanumeric characters

I’m having trouble with creating a list and sorting it based on the object properties.
Here’s a screenshot of my list. (Ignore the “Row 1k”)

The results should be sorted as follows
Bike 100
Bike 250
… and so on
Bike 10000
Row 100
Row 250

Row 10000
Run 100

Run 10000

Take a look at this post and tell me if it answers your question :grinning:

Yes this very much helped, thank you.
So basically I needed to make a separate existing list to call from, and then use that list to look up each one.
Here’s the sorted cloud list I created.

Then I created a for each item j of this list…

Works as desired! Thanks for the help!

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If what I shared worked, please mark it as “solved” :slight_smile:

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