Poogle Trouble with "SPLIT_BUNDLE 44 - long after publish

Dear all - Here is a nut for you to crack
I have published my app STRUL in Sweden since 6 months ago. Every now and then i have got complaints from Google Play regarding this
“SPLIT_BUNDLE 44: Policy Declaration - Data Safety Section**: Location Data Type - Precise Location”

Even though the STRUL app cotains a map it has nothing to do with data collection around “Precise Location” I have read everything but cannot understand what i have done wrong
Is there any one that experienced the same…
Please advice…

Hello @stefansladdeneng1 :wave:
Thanks for sharing all the details.
On the map component Advanced Properties there is a “User location” If this option is true you are tracking user location so you will need to report that into the data safety form, otherwise you will need to turn this into false. Could you please try it?

Hi ioannis, Would e happy to - BUT - I am not using any map komponent. i am using a web viewer to show a map (not where the user are on the map) …So i CANT try that really… Or is it something i missed ?

@stefansladdeneng1 Thank you for sharing more information!
On the Web Viewer component, there is the same option on advanced properties to track user location
I understand that you don’t want to track users, so I could suggest you turn this option to false.

Great - Thanks - Ill try that too…
I’ll let you know… it simply MUST be this…

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You were right. After unchecking that box in webviewer, new launch the warnings were all removed.
thanks alot…
PS hope you can find the solution to my other problem with the screen design… ;-D

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