Poodle to Paris

Poodles to Paris, my completely off-topic WDC (13?) entry. Poodles to Paris has you help an adventurous poodle explore the world by rolling the dice and making pairs that match landmark destinations. You have travel insurance in case you get a bad roll, but you can only use it once!

Images (web app version)


Creator notes
The ‘tiles’ are labels on top of images. I make it all by cloning, first the tiles in the same row, then the whole rows. The labels have absolute positioning, so that they can sit on top of the tiles, but it meant that I had to do a bunch of workarounds for the Android bug that doesn’t allow absolute positioned components to be invisible.

The start-up/tutorial “screen” is actually the same as the main game screen, just floating above it (absolute positioning and high Z index). Cloning is slow, so I hide it by putting it under the “click poodle to start” screen.

Feedback welcome!


@catsarisky I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: you’re a marvel. I’ve shared this app with my friends, and I’ll tell you what they think. This app is addictive! You’re an absolute genius… I can’t even imagine how you made this. Hope you publish loads more apps like these- I can’t get enough of Poodles to Paris.