Pony Music Radio

Hi guys!
My 1st post here, and I’d like to present to you my audio streamer. This is something I’ve been working on for quite sometime (previously using App Inventor 2), and you’ll probably guess from the title that, yes, I’m a Brony.

So, what does the app do?
Simply put, it streams tracks from my server.


• Live listener counter
• Recently played tracks
• Custom font (thanks to dejavu-fonts.org)
• Web site link
• Taifuns Tools Extension (a great guy for sure!)

Google Play Link

Cheers for having a look.



How did you make the listener counter?

Thankfully, the Icecast server I use has a fairly decent json output.
Using the json decoder by Imagnity, I can get a live listener count.

Hope that helps.


Thats cool.
Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

can you post .aia file for this app @Colin_Lacey