Audio streaming

I want to make a audio streaming app.
Here is my example:

When I press the startbutton the stream will start. And also I can stop it.
But when I want again start it with the start button again it doesn’t work again.

Hope somebody can help me.
kindly regards

Hard to say for certain without seeing your UI @haiflosse - but I’d image that the Button1.Click event should set the source and then the on source loaded event should Play the stream.

I’m not sure you need your Resume function here - can you try without it?


Thanks for your answer.
I have tried different settings but withoud any changes.
I can only start and stop it only one time.
Here my project:
Hope somebody can still help me.
kindly regards

I have also notice that when I press the start button the audio will only work about 3 minutes. After that it will stop automaticly.
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i think you can’t stream link on the sound component…

you see information sound component

sound component just support wav and mp3 files.

Could you embed a webviewer with a JavaScript steaming radio radio plugin? If so, you could control the radioplayer from the app too!

kindly regards for your answer.
Can you give me an javascript streaming radio plugin and how can I control it then from the app?
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Where do you plan to stream audio from?

kindly regards for your answer.
Sorry, I don’t understand your question.
I plan to do it with a smartphone or tablet.
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Sorry. I mean what online source do you plan to stream audio from. An internet radio station? Vimeo? A list of .mp3 on a server somewhere.m?

Thanks again for the answer.
First I want to stream internet radio.
It will be also great when I can also stream local saved mp3 files.
Kindly regards

I want ask if somebody can still help me there.
kindly regards