Live Stream Radio


Hello Thunkers, my new app named “Live Stream Radio” is up and running successfully in the Google play store. You can Kindly Download or Check it out here Live Stream Radio

What is the good news? the good news is that if you publish your app with the Legacy option or with App inventor, you would realize it has some limitations of been deployed to some apps stores like SlideMe and others Due to its .ai package name but if you build and package your app with Thunkable, those limitations are eliminated due to changes in the Package name and now you can Publish your apps to SlideME Market as well.

Thunkable is the best and bright Future of All Ai Servers so keep Thunking and All the Best.


Player delays streaming audio after press to start

Your app looks very nice! :slight_smile:
great work!

if you want i can publish it too on my blog.
i started in a few days a new section on my blog with guest apps! :slight_smile:
only apk’s not source files.

best regards,


@Mika Thank You. You are Free to Publish it in your Blog.:sunglasses:


How did you make the dismiss loading prolog?
I will add this to my radio but its work not right.

Can you please only show this as image from your blocks?

And how make you the search list with realtime showing?



after you pick a station, you call the progress to start spinning and set it Timer to true.
Note: Timer set to 15secs(15000)

The only problem here is that the progress dialog sometimes delays before popping up. i wish it would just pop up as soon as the user Picks his/her selected radio station without any delay and that would have helped prevent any possible freezing occurrence(Let me know if you are able to make it pop up quicker)

When the Timer is up, we want the code in the image above to Run in other to dismiss the progressDialog

Hope it helped. Thank you!


Thank you for your block example.

I have now tried various things and am now satisfied with this arrangement:

In my app it now runs the way I wanted it.

best regards,

Runs in your app only *.mp3 links or also *.m3u ?
With me only mp3 left.


Good To know its now Working for you Bro.


@Mika Planning to Add a recording function. Any ideas? :heart:


Thats no good idea because its in many countrys not legal.


Not Legal in some countries? ok. still working on it.(i want my users to be able to record programs of their fav stations).


It’s advisable to get permission to use any content the app streams or records and double check the Google Play policies, especially concerning intellectual property.


@Mika @Amoroso oh OK i see. thanks for your advice(on the recording function).guess i would have to leave that function out at the moment.


I’d give a good look also at the streams you use and the radio brands you mention. You may consider contacting the radios and asking for permission to use their stream, or see whether they provide any official APIs or licensing information.


worry not about that. i always do indepth research before building apps (in other words building a radio app to help the individual stations to reach a massive coverage doesn’t violate any property rights; you are rather helping them broadcast and beside they will always contact you if they feel the need for you to remove their stream channel.

it is one thing claiming to be the radio station or an affiliate or been an affiliated app(that total is violation)
**it is another thing with the app serving as just a player (hope you kindly don’t misinterpret the apps content and its purpose)

Best Regards


Nice App. How do you prevent the player to stop when the screen goes off?


Set the audio player property to run in the background.


It crashed right away after installing from Playstore.

This is my device


It crashed because either the current station you tried to stream is unavailable or you didn’t wait for the radio to stream. Stream time and smartness relies on network strength. Try BBC radio and let’s see. Thanks


Will also be releasing a new update to fix some few old broken stations. Thank you


Its working now i just had to uninstall and install :slight_smile: