Politicas de Privacidade 2019

Para os BR
Olá, gostaria de saber se é válido para a Google play, criar a politica de privacidade nesses sites de gerador online, ou preciso escrever manualmente todo aquele documento?

Alguém tem algum exemplo de que tipo de dados o Thunkable coleta por padrão, para que eu possa incluir no meu documento, afim de evitar problemas futuros?


For the US
Hello, I would like to know if it is valid for Google play, create the privacy policy on these online generator sites, or do I need to manually write that document?

Does anyone have any examples of what kind of data the Thunkable collects by default so that I can include it in my document in order to avoid future problems?

You can file a statement in https://sites.google.com/

Mine states that my app does not capture, stores or transmit any user information without their knowledge and approval, and that seems to satisfy Google.
I do not believe that Thunkable captures ANY data at all.

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Thanks, I will try this.