Please Stop this!


Hello Everyone!
Kartik here.
It’s my request to all the people who are unnecessarily linking any of my posts.
Please stop…
Have a look :
These are all Newbies.
I am not liking this. I didn’t do anything this great.
In a few weeks, my likes on posts increased from 450 to ~1.6k
I am worthy of only ~450 likes. Those are my earned.
Please help.


@Domhnall , @Jane, @Conor,
Please help…
This is serious.


I would be happy to receive a lot of likes, but the usernames and the number of likes look intriguing. I assume someone tried to exploit the Discourse system by auto-generating accounts and giving likes to collect badges and to climb trust levels.




Seems that some people are only interested in those “badges”.
And given the “names” of those account, can they be essentially spambots and duplicate accounts?


Can be…
I first thought this only…
The Out of Love badge I think…


Maybe the Thunkable Staff should do an audit and remove these spam accounts.


Still going on…


Hi Kartik,

We have seen a few suspicious accounts like this before, but several accounts concentrating their attention on one user is a new one, I think!

Thanks for making this post, we’ll look into these accounts now.


Hi @Kartik - apologies for the hassle with this, but thank you for your prompt reporting.

I’ve added a few “speed bumps” that should slow down this type of behaviour so hopefully you won’t be bothered by this again but please report it if you notice anything strange or unusual like this again in the future.

We want everyone in the community to have a safe and positive experience and take any sort of anti-social behaviour very seriously.

That being said, we’re growing a lot at the moment (just passed 75,000 community members last week) so it’s possible that there might be 1 or 2 bad actors amongst us.

I’d encourage everyone to be vigilant and to report and flag posts that violate any of the community guidelines.



Oh! It’s not your fault!

Thanks for the change.
Can you make this whole topic a little noticable - like pinnig
coz everyone can report here against bad actors…

Thank you Everyone! :wink:


@Domhnall I believe this is being made by bots
Might be there any issue in the new SSO system that doesn’t verify accounts/allows creating accounts automatically?


I am wondering. Why are those user related to you only?




Wouldn’t a simple Captcha stop bots? Is that not a thing?


It will indeed!


It wasn’t bots, but we took a number of steps last week to curb this sort of behaviour.

We take the welfare of our community members very seriously and acted quickly here to counteract this, initially by removing the offending accounts and then by making it harder for spammers to make accounts in the first place.

If anyone else has issues like this in the future, please feel free to reach out directly via PM and we will look into it ASAP.