"New user of the month" badge

It is not possible to earn this badge for users, who are in this community for more than a month. Plus, only a few people have it. What about changing it to User of the Month? @thunkable team, any ideas?

So you want it removing because you can’t earn it? That’s what it seems to me.

I don’t think we should remove it… I think this badge is a good idea.


No, I mean it is not possible to earn it after 1 month. I would change it to User of the Month. Every month 2 users are chosen, who have excellent contributions for that month.

That’s not the aim of the badge…

I totally agree with the aim of the badge: grant it to new users for their good contributions in their first month
What this badge is going to do is to promote the community quality. Imagine you are a new user, and you join the community and you receive this badge. What would you do? You will be very happy as you have been recognized as one of the best new users of the month, so you are going to contribute more and better to the community

The purpose of the badge is not to recognize any user work (that will be very difficult in this community due to the huge quality of posts), so in fact this is just for new users and to improve the community with them

Also, I agree with @Conor that what you are trying to say is that as you can’t earn it you want to remove it…

In Spain we have a proverb that sais: If I can’t play, nobody will play
That’s what it seems to me…

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We’re going to keep that badge for now.


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I would like a badge that says something like " Wino of the month"… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the Off Topic :smiley:

I’d definitely support this badge :thumbsup: