Can I get aficionado

Hi all I just saw I visited Thunkable for 100+ days
I shall get aficionado
I visited all consecutively
@staff can u
Pls give

I’m pretty sure badges are awarded automatically… no one is checking from the staff to make sure you get a badge. I don’t have that badge so either I missed a day here or there or the badge didn’t apply when it should have. Not a big deal either way.

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These things are a big deal to some people. They think it is a major life achievement to get badges on these forums or to have their answers marked as solutions.


but I dint still I do a revert might be a bug


nope no

Not necessarily you, but you should see the posts people put up demanding badges and people to mark their answers as solutions. That’s not just here but on the forums of other builders as well.

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But you do! Congratulations!


Oh, my mistake! I saw it greyed out and assumed I didn’t have it but when I clicked on it, I saw that it was granted in November 2020.


aficionado does not just to visit 100 days we get it when we visit 100 continuous days