PLease help! Web Api/ Web Scraping

Hi, i need help is it possible to make a app that connects to a website and scrapes data from another website.

For example: there is a website called: (lets assume they dont have an api)

in the website of you can type in a keyword and it will spit out a list of keywords that are related.

Can we build an app that has a text input and spits out results by connecting your elemnts in your app to the elements on that website? and spit out the same resluts. I prefer to do this without using the web viewer but to create a clean userinterface that connects with websites in the back like keywordtool io

I could be wrong but I think that’s the whole point of APIs. That there isn’t another way to interface with a website in the way you’re wanting to – to provide input and receive output.

Also, that website has an API. So it’s pretty unethical to try to find a way out of paying for the access they provide.

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@copticcastw9pat you can create an automation

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@John_Rouger thank you very much how do i create an automation? sorry anything helps and if you want me to pay you to teach me i am willing! please let me know

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@tatiang im not trying to be unethical im trying to learn i used keywordtool website as an example because i dont want to put my own website here, i have no intention of stealing another persons service, can you show me how to do the inputs outputs thing?

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Oh, I’m sorry. You did mention that was an example. I focused on that specific url. My mistake.

I was saying that there is not a way to do that.

@tatiang cant it be done with JSON ? i believe it can be done