Please help me with the App Store approval process

I followed Thunkable telling everything but when sending I encountered this problem.
What should I do?

Hi @bang_diy

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the #communityguidelines before posting.

Topic Titles

Your original topic title did not really convey what you were having issues with, phrases like (please answer me) are unnecessary in topic titles, the whole point of the community is that this is a place for questions and answers.

Apple Design Guidelines

In this case yourThunkable project was uploaded successfully, but Apple have objected to the content of your app itself.

They are asserting that your app copies or imitates an existing app. You can read more about this violation in: Apple Design Guidelines 4.1 Copycats

Are you using branding or content to the Thai telecoms provider, Advanced Information Systems and if so, do you have their express written permission to do this?