My app in ad mob approval

I just sent my app for thunkable ad mob approval on Sunday Feb 6th. Obviously will be waiting in anticipation. This app has taken me a while to build, 2yrs off and on, while being a paying member since July 26, 2020. It hasn’t been easy, many bumps along the way, thunkable bugs to work through, my own bugs having to work through.

Special thanks to Thunkable employees and people here in the community for help along the way. Apologies if I missed anyone.

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@domhnallohanlon Hey Thunkable where can I get post approval help? I’m encountering many post submit issues freezing, white screens and haven’t found any online documentation or community discussions.


Can you give an outline of what issues you’re experiencing, whether they’re occurring in all your projects or just one and what the most recent changes you made to your project are please? ( ie if you revert these changes will if start working again for you?)

Hi @domhnallohanlon sure here are all the issues I encountered through this publish process. Is there someone I can get in touch with to address these issues? I haven’t found any content on your site to solve these kind of issues. Thanks.

-Thunkable app url is Thunkable

-iOS app in test flight gets white screen during second screen in onboarding - how to fix this?
Title screen

Choose character screen

Suppose to load choose pet screen - white screen while background music still plays

Apple itunes connect submitting issues I’ve had
-Apple sent me an email tell me I’m missing push notification entitlement, but this app doesn’t have any push notification stuff in it. How to fix this?

-Why does the app icon not show up in app store connect?

-Apple has rejected my testflight build for external testers. How can I fix this?

-Apple is now asking for compliance on the latest build i uploaded. Do you have a tutorial on how to answer all these questions?

-Web publish: App freezes on the logo screen - how to fix this?

-I have two errors when I submitted this app to the google play store. How can I fix these?

Thanks Robert, firstly - your app looks incredible, congrats on this amazing design

Best place for support in this instance is the Community. Customers on our Business or Enterprise plans have dedicated account managers who can provide 1:1 support through the publishing process.

Just looking at the first screen, there seems to be a lot of errors in your blocks:

Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 10.15.27

The first thing to do is go through every screen and make sure there are none of these red arrows as they are no doubt responsible for some, if not all, of the issues you are facing.

Hard to say, but this would be my first port of call:

What did Apple say when you asked them?


See if you can fix the warnings in the blocks on Screen1 and republish. Let me know if that doesn’t work because I was seeing a number of errors in the console when I looked at this.

These are warnings rather than actually errors and as such you can treat them as suggestions/recommendations. They’re not blockers to publishing.

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@domhnallohanlon Google just froze my admob account for 30 days, because they said I was tapping on my own ads. I got this email day after I connected Thunkable to it for 10%.

Is it possible to make a new admob account and connect thunkable to the new one? Of course change the ad unit IDs in my thunkable app.

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You broke Google’s TOS by trying to cheat them.

It’s against their TOS to have multiple Google developer accounts, so you’re looking to carry out more cheating and fraud.

Why don’t you just act in a legal, ethical, and honest manner?

This kind of behaviour affects not only you (as everyone can now see the kind of person you are) but it can also affect Thunkable. Builders such as Kodular have been in trouble with Google because of the way their users acted (building earning apps, cheating with ads, trying to get round account bans etc).

I hope Thunkable staff think twice about approving your apps in future.

@domhnallohanlon I’ve had my app in test mode. Is there an article on when to turn test mode off and how to block a phone while testing.

Frustrating part is this has happened by accident not an exploit at all, no money was made.

It’s interesting how you changed your story from admitting you tapped your own ads to saying Admob said you tapped them and that it was accidental.

The mods and Thunkable staff can see everything you wrote and as I said I hope they will think twice before approving your apps as this kind of cheating/fraudulent behaviour reflects on Thunkable X as well as you. Google know which apps are created using which builders.

Let’s try to keep this as a productive conversation. very sorry to hear you’re having issues. Usually when an admob account is revoked, it’s a permanent thing. You may be able to appeal the revocation. Have you looked into this with google?

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Thanks @jared @domhnallohanlon for the response. I’m looking for standard practices you recommend when developing with the admob blocks? Anything will help.

For testing is there a way in admob account to add my testing devices so once live they don’t count toward?


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Sounds like it’ll be best practice to leave the test version on your main test device. Even after publishing.

I can look more into this. How many times do you think you clicked on your own ad? Have you appealed this at all with Google/AdMob?


@jared Based on the email from admob there is no way to appeal. I just have to wait the 30 day suspension. In fact they locked me out of my admob account. This is not a release blocker for me, I’m going to release my app.

@domhnallohanlon I am confirming with you that it was the block errors that was causing the app to freeze or crash. I currently have the app running on ios testflight and android internal testing. I am very grateful for your responses. Cheers!

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