Please help in making a SearchBar for DataViewerList

What I am trying :

I am trying to create a SearchBar for DataViewerList and DataViewerGrid, I believe my block is correct but it is not working, I hope anyone can help me to solve this problem.

Blocks :

User Interface :

This is a small tutorial, on adding search bars for filtering through a data viewer layout.

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Can you give me the project from that tutorial?
Your tutorial got me confused and untidy

Hello can anyone help?
@muneer, @drted, @actech

The project referred to by @codeswept is for list viewer not data viewer list.

If you want the one for list viewer, I can send to you but it will not work for data viewer list.

is there no way around that?

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Check this if it fits your need

Search Data Viewer List

This is a quick thing and you may find error in it.


I saw that the project was made in the latest version of Thunkable, my topic is about how to make a search DataViewerList in the original or old version of Thunkable but not Thunkable classic.
i hope you understand. Thank you

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Exactly the same. Copy the blocks to the Legacy UI and it will work. I can do a separate one on the Legacy UI if you want.

yes, please

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This is the same with the old UI

Search Data Viewer List Legacy UI

test names in the table:

Happy Thunking

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I see the block is very correct but I am confused why it doesn’t work, I think you should look at these bugs @domhnallohanlon

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Are you referring to the sample project I shared?
It worked with me and should be working with anyone.

no it doesn’t work with me, but it works with the newest thunkable. :confused:

@muneer my tutorial filters data from a data table and displays the result in a listviewer. It actually is filtering a data layout.

Could you please specify on ‘confused and untidy’?

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Yes I know. The listviewer works with lists but data viewer only works with direct binding to a table. This is what I want to clarify.

Sorry if it wasn’t clear.

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I can’t explain it, because that’s what my feelings say

so is there a solution?

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I tried the 2 projects with 2 different phones. Both projects work as expected.

If you have a problem then send a screen shot or whatever to be able to see the problem and correct it.

The solution works fine and I don’t see what issue you talk about.

That’s the problem @muneer

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I just tried both the new UI and the legacy UI but couldn’t reproduce your case.

If you have not changed the code then I need to check further when I’m behind the computer.

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yeah, I haven’t changed the code one bit

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