Please help binary rejected


We are unable to continue this app’s review because your Apple Developer Program account is currently under investigation for not following the App Store Review Guidelines’ Developer Code of Conduct.

Common practices that may lead to an investigation include, but are not limited to:

  • Inaccurately describing an app or service

  • Misleading app content

  • Engaging in inauthentic ratings and reviews manipulation

  • Providing misleading customer support responses

  • Providing misleading responses in Resolution Center

  • Engaging in misleading purchasing or bait-and-switch schemes

  • Engaging in other dishonest or fraudulent activity within or outside of the app

During our investigation, we will not review any apps you submit. Please do not create a new developer account or make any app transfers while waiting for the investigation to be completed. Once we have completed our investigation, we will notify you via Resolution Center. Due to the nature of the investigation you will be ineligible to receive an expedited review until the investigation is completed.

We do not require any additional information from you at this time, nor do we have any additional details to share. We appreciate your continued patience during our investigation.

Best regards,

App Store Review

Hi, @Fernando_Matos! :wave:

Did you follow the exact steps provided here - How to publish App to iOS App Store
Please ensure that you have followed these steps…

If so, then @Domhnall might help you… (He knows about iOS Part a lot :smile: )

yes follow all the steps! I don’t know why my app has no unique ads! I do not ask for personal information or email. maybe it has to do with the terms and conditions I don’t know!

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Then I cannot help… :pensive:

Surely Domhnall will help you.
You just need to be patient for a while. :wink:

Thanks! :blush:

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@Domhnall can you help?

Hey👋 Some one can help?

Hey @Fernando_Matos,

I’m not entirely sure what I can do to help, but if you have received some email from Apple in relation to this, then please share here or via PM.


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Can you share a link to one of your published apps please?

Hello, I have same issue? What can I do, please help.