Please add a 'Save' button

Nowadays I’m finding that the autosave doesn’t work. I close my tabs and the next day I find all my recent work gone. And there’s nothing I can do about it because Thunkable does not have a Save button for when the autosave fails. Could you please add that? I’m spending twice the time it would originally have taken me on my apps because I have to keep redoing work. This would be a feature I’d really love.


The day before yesterday, I made a Local DB table with 20 rows. Yesterday, I added 20 more rows (made it 20 rows). Today, when I went tonto Thunkable to edit the table, I could only see the 20 rows I added the day before yesterday.

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This is an old issue and had never been looked at. In the other hand, have you viewed your table using a DVL?

If you do, most probably, you’ll see your data still available.

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Oh really? I never knew that! My tables aren’t connected to DVLs, they’re for a quiz app, and I’m storing the questions and answers in there.

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I’m just suggesting a different way of viewing it and confirming the content. I found out that my work in the local table was saved but the table view screen in the designer page is showing old data.

Maybe you are having the same situation I faced.

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Oh ok. I’ll try that. Thanks!