Playing a Sound with Thunkable Live

Hi there,
When you interact or clicking a button to play the sound from APP 1.
Then you exit the APP 1,and you choose APP 2 / others app.The sound is still playing until it had been played finish.
You’ve to open again the livetesting app.


Not sure I would call this a bug as such.
When you are playing a sound, what the application does is packaging a request for the operating system to play a given file and to return when finished.
When you exit the application, the system would normally call each pending sub-operations and request to be terminated, but that does not mean that the sound player is open to receive an interrupt signal. It is quite likely that the sound controller is not actively monitoring for a possible interrupt signal at a super high frequency. It is also possible that for short files, it does not even bother listening for an eventual interrupt signal.
And there is also the possibility that exiting the application does not sent an interrupt signal to specific spawned activities.
The bottom line is that there is more chance that what you consider a ‘bug’ is not even up to the livetesting app to control.