Picture game - modification for assignment 1.1

Here is the link to the webview of the modified app.


The game generates a random object and then you need to take a photo of the object. If the image recognition detects that it’s the right object you get a “Yay!”.

If not then you get a try again.

Please give some allowance for the following:

  1. I’m not sure why the text isn’t contained on the webview version but on my mobile it’s fine.
  2. The image recognition isn’t great so sometimes it will not recognise the image correctly.
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Nice work!

  1. Going between the two types of app takes a little practice. Eventually you will learn to change the ratios /sizing/positioning of components. For example, between iOS and Android, depending on where i put a hidden column that later reappears, when i make it appear, on iOS it will show where i want, on Android it may show behind the content instead of in front of content like i dont want it to do

  2. The image recognition will only get better with time. It’s a computer and gives it’s best guess. It’s also free software so it’s prone to bugs and errors. It only knows what it’s been taught up to this point.

Thanks @jared!

Totally understand your point on image recognition, and considering it’s free it’s pretty good!

Really enjoying Thunkable so far, I hope that with more practice things get easier regarding the different layouts between the web and mobile apps :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about a collaborative project, in which you can select an ambient (indoor, outdoor, or gym, bibliotheque etc…) and you’ll have to photograph an item related to that place. I’d like to give an ambient to each student, that has to develope the corresponding screen and put alltogheter.
Anyone have tried this type of thing?