NEW USER NEED HELP - program makes relations between photo and text

hi everyone, i’m a new user and i have to make a program which relates a randomize photo by a group i have with a specific text. but the important thing is that i have to visualize the photo without text, next i have to write the text, and after i must see the correct text of the photo.
thanks everyone, best regards

Hi @catoz7, :wave: Welcome to the community.

Where is this requirement coming from? Is it a personal project, school assignment or are you working for a client?

I don’t fully understand - are you doing something with image recognition here or is it more like adding a caption to an image in snapchat/instagram

Hi, it’s for a school project. I have to see a photo by an Archive I have and text which kind of anatomic part is. After the program must wrote me the correct answer so I can match the text I wrote with the correct text

Got it. Moving this to #thunkable-cross since you question doesn’t relate to Classic.

To me it sounds like you’re making an image quiz? Is that right??