Image Recognition to Text

Hi All

I am a Thunkable Beginner

I would like to build an app that will pull up Car Details from a Reg Plate.

Would it be possible to take a photo of the car reg plate and get the image recognition convert it to TEXT and fill in a Label control ?

Thanks for reading, any ideas greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


That has nothing to do with Thunkable X.

Hey @cancmaster2016o welcome to the Thunkable community! :wave:

What you’re looking to do should be possible with an OCR API (try searching the Community for OCR) but it’s probably on the the more advanced/complex side of things.

Is this the first app you’re trying to build with Thunkable?

Thanks for you help / advice

Yes it is, maybe a little ambitious lol

I think I will start with something more basic :slight_smile:

Thanks again


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Sounds like the best approach to me Miles!

I’ve tagged the OCR related posts in the Community for you here:

One of the more popular OCR APIs seems to be this one:

To learn how APIs work (and build some really interesting apps along the way) we have some tutorials on our YouTube Channel:

And you can also find some great tutorials over on @darren’s channel too:

Hope that helps!