Need Help Making an image recognition App For school project

Hey guys, I need to make an image recognition app that allows to find similar images in gallery, in input I should :

  • type a description of the picture (for example find all pictures that contains a ball in album/full gallery )


  • Take a photo with Camera and search with in gallery ( a specified album or full gallery )


  • search with Color (any picture that contains the chosen color)

they didn’t specify if the app should be offline/online so both are acceptable.
any ideas on how to make it ? I searched for a week and I didn’t find what i’m looking for
I also use Java.
any help would be appreciated ;).

Hi @lgyas,

Welcome to the Thunakble commmunity :sparkles:

We have a component called image recogonizer which you can use for detecting the object on the images and return with tags. (Refer to this website to see what’s the consequence look like)

For using the text to search the relevant image, you can store the tags from image recogonizer in the database, and then compaire the tags between the database and the photo captured by camera.

Do you think it can help you to resolve the first and second inquiry? For the thrid one, I require to do some more research on it.

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but i it wont work properly

You can use the same ideology in this app👉

Hot Dog not Hot dog app it’s by thunkable itself