How can I create a color recognizer?

My app is about helping color blind people take a picture of an item and it tells the color in word /text.
THought the problem iam having is tht when i try it after coding it and take a picture it tells me what it sees in the picture /action but it never actually tells the color in the picture in words…
here is the link to it and somescrenshots of my blocksPLEASE HEP ME BEFORE 26 of april because thts the due date…I JUST BASICALLY NEED SOMEBODY TO TELL ME HOW CAN I MAKE A COLOR DETECTORTHAT TRANSLATES THE COLOR IN WORDS LIKE BLUE…

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There may not be a way to determine the color(s) in a photo in a Thunkable app. But I Googled “color detection photo api” and found some APIs that might do this.

Have you tried any of them?

Also, in case you’re not aware, WRITING IN ALL CAPS IS CONSIDERED YELLIING and is not always the best way to ask for help.

Is this a school project?

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I think what you are wanting would require training a machine learning model to recognize only the desired item and then further, only it’s color.

Not an easy task but most likely is possible with nocode!

yea… and it is for a technovation course…

ohh sorry my bad i was in panic so i wrote in caps and no i haven’t tried searching what you searched since it is my first time i have ever even heard about it.and yes it is for technovatiion course which is part of my learning.Thank you for your advice.

What you’re trying to do may be very difficult. This is a conversation you should have with your instructor. It never feels good to be in a panic but keep in mind that most of the people who respond on these forums are volunteering their time to help. We’re just users like you.

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but i cannot change the plan now since not alot of time is left and i would have to change alot of stuff which is not easy so is there another solution?like a video or tutorial?

also i found this video made by thunkable will this help me? here is the link and a photo


That’s a conversation you need to have with your teacher.

You’ve asked if there is a way to create a color detector in Thunkable and two of us who have extensive knowledge of Thunkable have told you it’s either not possible or very difficult. So you need to figure out with the help of your teacher what your next step is.

hmm even my teacher is confused about it…
is there any other software that i can use and will help my problem?

First of all thank you so much for helping me out
So if you as an (expert) is saying that it is not possible for me
And since i don’t have much time what do you think would be the best app idea to quickly be able to code?
My mentor unfortunetly doesn’t know much about thunkable and i need this app submission so ican pass this app to the judges and be able to go to the second part of the course…

Thanks and Reagards Hafsa

What do you already know how to do in Thunkable?

Does the app have to help people?

What are some interests/hobbies you have?

I’m kind of surprised your mentor isn’t able to ask you those questions. They have very little to do with app development.

Consider what you know and come up with an achievable plan with your mentor. And if the course/contest doesn’t require app programming then submit an essay or a sketch/wireframe of your app idea or a video explaining how it would work. You might have to get creative!

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I know how to use the basic functions in thunkable
The app could be about helping with envoirement for example
Some of the hobbies/interests i have is reading ,writing journal,bicycling,skatboarding…
Unfortunatley in the course we have to submit an app with programming…
Are there any envoirement topic apps …like something that tracks your walking distance …

To everyone who helped me thank you i found an idea to work on !

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