Picture displaying problems in iOS

Dear fellas!

I’m building an private use webviewer app for displaying an intranet. The build is pretty simple: a screen where the logo is displayed and if said logo is clicked on, a loading circle will appear (Block command: if image is clicked → wait one → set loading circle visibility to true → navigate to screen two) and forward to screen two. On live preview (on android) and as android apk (on multiple devices) everything works fine. However the problem is the iOS build of the app, for my buddy has an iPhone. When he starts the app, the logo is only shown fragmentet, though functionality is fully given, he can switch to screen two by clicking on the fragmentet pic.

Does anyone of you magically talented dudes have any clue, what might issues this problem?

The picture in question is an 1x1 1500px png file with background (no transparent parts). Size is 119,75KB.

Here an pic of how it look in the editor (and on android):

Thanks in advance, your help is much appreciated

PS: if more specs are needed, ask anytime :slight_smile:

Edit: all phones are up to date in regards of OS updates

It would be quickest to post a link to a simple project that demonstrates this problem. I’m happy to test it on my iPhone and let you know if I can determine what’s causing it.

Otherwise, can you share the image file? Does it do the same thing with other images or just that one? Does it make any difference if you remove the loading icon?

Does the webviewer have anything to do with this problem? It sounds like your issue is just displaying an image and that the webviewer, the delay, the loading icon, and the screen navigation are unrelated…? Are you using any screen Navigators in the project?

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