PDF viewer not working

Pdf Viewer keeps saying “Alert, Sorry an error occured” everytime i try epening a pdf link from cloudinare. And webviewer also just downloads the pdf instead of displaying it. Any help?

Hey @nppvice

Can you share a screenshot of your blocks please?

Also, are you live testing or installing your app?

Finally, are you using your own Cloudinary API key etc or are yo using Thunkable’s defaults?


No blocks at all.
Just a simple url pasted in file source of the pdf viewer.
I am live testing.
Cloudinary set up with my credentials.
Webviewer works perfect if pdf converted to jpg or png.
However, pdf is downloading unto my phone instead of displaying in webviewer.
And the pdf viewer has error message.

That’s odd - what error message are you seeing @nppvice?

Sorry, there is an error”

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Are you loading the PDF inside a (purple) MediaDB call-back block?

No. Should I?