Pdf files to cloud

is there a way to safe a pdf file from app to cloudinary and get link from it then save it into google sheet, as we can do with images

@hendrikbez, i think this will must help you:
Paged and Layered Media | Cloudinary.

Here is a demo
Just upload the pdf normally, as you upload images to cloudinary,
And you can also change the extension of pdf from .pdf to .jpg or any other img extension and upload it to cloudinary to get a thumbnail of your pdf of your desired page.

To know more about cloudinary pdf : Paged and Layered Media | Cloudinary


Thank you, will look at this, when I am at home again.

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I have done this, but it show undefined as url.
I did allow delivery of PDF and ZIP files in cloudinary.com
his is my block for the pdf

@hendrikbez, Can u please also tell, what error you see by error block
And, Can u please share the link of your app or more screenshots.


I only getting undefined, and when run from app getting “Something has gine wrong. Check your blocks and reset this page”.
link to my app, "voegby is the screen


Ok, i finally got your error, you have to recheck you cloud name, that you entered
I also told you earlier to check error
the error is - Invalid cloud_name defaudzzpcl61hlt
Screenshot (1590)

Here is the code that i used to see the error

If this solve your issue, then please mark this issue as solved

Thank you, now it work when I test it on my pc, but still give undefined on my app in android

This is very strange, you are correct, i also tested it
I think this is cloudinary issue

Thank you,
Getting now error “You need to provide a valid media path.” on pdf, but image is working.

Is there any other way to get this pdf to cloudinary to get the pdf link (using android)
Or can change the etc. to .jpg and then rename it to pdf in the app. then send it to google sheet

If you want to rename .pdf to .jpg, then its possible
You have to use the replace .pdf text in url to .jpg block in text section, and then upload this url to cloudinary, to get a thumbnail of your pdf
And for the android, why its not working, i don’t know, I think it can be a bug, You can flag this issue to get response from thunkable community.

Thank you, will look at the replace block

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