Package Name Update (Google Play Store Publishers Only)

Hey Thunkers,

If you publish your Thunkable apps to the Google Play Store, please read the following update on our package name.

  • We recently made a change to our standard package name for new apps that are invented on Thunkable to{yourname}.{projectname}

  • If you are importing an .aia file from App Inventor that you want to keep the old package name, you’ll need to select the option below:

  • For those of you who have published apps invented on Thunkable already on the Google Play Store, your existing package name (appinventor.ai_{username}.{projectname} should be preserved every time you export it.

We know some of you have requested ability to edit your package name to something more custom and we are looking into adding it to our platform. More to come!

Albert @ Thunkable


@albert Here is the quick question I imported the .aia file from MIT to Thunkable by using non legacy option. And did all my development. I got my app deployed in the playstore with the . Now I believe the package is creating with Please suggest process to change my pacge name to which was developed in the Thunkable. Thanks.


Use the ‘upload legacy app project’ option and this will set your package name to

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Thanks @Conor . I downloaded the new .aia file from Thunkable and reloaded in legacy but the issue still there. Please suggest If I am doing correct.Thanks.

Sorry It’s my mistake. Now all is well after I changed the project name and re-uploaded. One last question is Do I need to follow same process every time when I do changes to my app. Thanks.

Once you have imported your app using the option you want, you shouldn’t have to keep importing your AIA files.

Can we upload appybuilder project to thunkable?

Have you tried? Depends on whether it’s gold/silver/etc. I imagine components like the FAB wouldn’t work.

When does this come, after the IOS is released?

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what do you mean by user name?
is it google email?

It’s the first part of your Gmail address. E.g. - user/your name would be “Thunkable”.

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In my case, as I have dots in my email, the username has dashes instead of dots

eg.: ->thunkable_example


Hi there, I’m having the same problem, but I uploaded the first time using the legacy project option. I’ve tried exporting from MITAI2 and importing as a legacy project twice, but when I export the apk from thunkable and upload it to the play store, I still get an error saying the package name is incorrect. Is there some step I’m missing?

Hi @JPTiger,

Your app currently on the play store - does it have the app inventor package name (appinventor.ai_…) or the Thunkable package name (…)?

If it’s app Inventor package name, this may be your issue:

Thanks @conor, looks like you’re right - Thunkable exports my app with all lowercase letters in the package name. AI2 has capitalized parts of my gmail account. Since package names are case-sensitive, the Play Store reads it as an entirely different app. I hate to say it but until this is fixed and “legacy app import” imports the case of characters correctly, I can’t use Thunkable to develop this app.

Anyone have any idea as to when this might be fixed?

Can someone send me their aia files with the package name that has some upper case letter?

I am trying to come up with something reasonable and fast.


Sent you!

I saw the difference in the package names. Arun and Mike at Thunkable are in charge of this issue. Please follow up with them if you don’t hear from them soon.



I am also facing same problem don’t know what to do. I have uploaded a app on play store and now I want to update it but google store is saying that package name should be . I have previous keystore really need help in this case please.

Check this out:

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