Option to LiveTest app's behavior in Airplane Mode

I have several app features that I need to test in offline/airplane mode to see how they’ll behave. Right now the only option is to request an APK, wait for it to hit my email, and install it to my test device. Some of these things are small, buggy, and take a lot of tries to get right and the time it takes to get the APK and download it to try it offline is really wasteful.

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Which specific features do you need to test offline that you can’t test online?

We have content that is, by default, pulled down from a GoogleSheet, but some of our users have spotty access to data so we are trying to test how our stored, static content will behave when there isn’t a connection. Basically: stock content stored locally and displayed to the user when they have no connection, dynamic/cloud content when they have a connection.