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@ILoveThunkable, here is a suggestion. Since the app is prone to incorrect input, you may want to add a custom error message. “Bad Arguments to…” doesn’t sound very helpful to the end user.

Cool concept though!

I will add that, but after integrating @barreeeiroo Mathematical Engine. His math engine, will allow to do more powerful math calculations! You will be able to use cos, tan, sin, calculations with more than 2 different numbers (200 - 100 + 3 / 0.35 x 6) and so on! Also, if someone can make an extension which converts image to Base64 string that would be amazing! If you can make it, that would be cool. As it will make this app to be fast as PhotoMath.

Ok, right now I am updating my app!
I will add a few things:

  1. New Mathematical Engine (Thanks to @barreeeiroo)
  2. Faster Image Processing (Thanks to @Sivagiri_Visakan)
  3. Side Drawer Menu (Thanks to @Andres_Cotes)
  4. Custom Error Messages
  5. New User Interface
    Note: I will completely redesign a whole app with Material Design.
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can you send .aia file for this current version?

No, I don’t opensource this project. I won’t give a source code (project file), sorry.

ohkay, No issues! I just want to know how you used mathpix api in your project that’s why I was asking for .aia file.

Well, you cannot get MathPix api for free. You need to contact them, provide your information… It took me 2 weeks to actually get MathPix API.

I already have my mathpix key (which I got within 3 days of requesting :joy:). I just want to know the implementation part of API in your project.

Sorry, all my source secret :wink:. Also, your key must be activated.

My key is activated, I am able to solve equations by typing into textbox. I just want to know how to solve equations using image capturing in real time. But your code is secret, So no questions now…

Just a notice, that MathPix returns in LaTeX form, not string. So you cannot use directly @barreeeiroo script & MathPix.

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What do you mean? Textbox has nothing to do with MathPix. MathPix requires image, not a text.

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Oh yes, I made a mistake. I’ve done that textbox part with some other API and now wants to use mathpix. I mixed both APIs :joy:

The multiplication sign in my script is * and not x :wink:

I was giving an example.

How do you use leadbolt with thunkable?

WebViewer + WebViewerDialog (extension)

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Just reinstalled your app and still liking this idea. During installing it says something like “thanks for testing” (see image) – did you implement it, or is it part of play store?

Also have seen your in-App purchasing. Which extension are you using?

My app is in Open-Beta Testing mode, that’s why it show’s this notification, also you cannot review app, only give a feedback to developer.

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