My Quiz App (please give feedback)

Hi fellow thunkers!

Here is a Quiz App I’d like to share. I made it with two others and I’d like any feedback that you have.



i was at the add/subtract test but all it asked for was add problems only, no subtraction problems. maybe you should have a level of difficulty , easy would mean no carry in the plus problems or no borrow from the subtract problems. there are always 2 buttons: NEXT and right_arrow, the NEXT never works, only the right_arrow. was NEXT meant to skip out of the current test? can you change the max number of questions asked? after 20 problems i got a summary page and a button marked ‘goto summary’, but the button didnt seem towork. maybe a future enhancement, add voice! after it shows 7 + 10, it also speaks it “seven plus ten”. how about add voice recognition too? the test taker would respond ‘seventeen’ and the app will recognize what was spoken then respond accordingly. nice app!


I just realized this is not the updated app. Here it is…

I do have a few things to share.

  1. The component that says NEXT is a label, not a button.
  2. The button actually should say Retake Quiz, which it does in the updated version.
  3. I can do levels too, that is easy.
  4. I will incorporate the text to speech. Good idea!
  1. Who is your target audience? Math can be an intimidating/uncomfortable subject for some people. You had been subtracting points for a wrong answer but it looks like you removed that. I was going to suggest doing that.

  2. Multiplication and division buttons don’t do anything.

  3. Why is there a 3-2-1 countdown if the quiz is not timed? Consider a different kind of transition.



  1. Our target audience was elementary schoolers around the USA or world who do not have access to education. We did not want to discourage the students by taking away points, even though I did that at first.
    We also did not want to time the quizzes because we wanted to make sure they were getting the answer without pressure and guessing.
  2. Click the two buttons in the very top left, and it should work.
  3. I will consider it.

These two buttons don’t respond for me:

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 11.15.23 AM

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Click in the top left, they are programmed to work

Fair enough but just know that if something is not easy to figure out, people may just skip that part.

Do you know why the full button mask (square) isn’t clickable?

yes, i put some margins there.

I tried changing the margin and it didn’t seem to help. I initially though the margin was causing the problem but it really shouldn’t. The margin should be outside of the clickable area of the component.

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ok, i can try to incorporate your feedback and i’ll tell you what happens.