Opening different Screen of a WebApp with different QR codes

Hi everyone,
I noticed that it is possible to generate a QR code that once scanned sends you to the web app you built.

I was wondering if it’s possible to redirect people in different pages of the web app with different QR codes.

Example: If I scan the first QR code I land on the first page of my app (Screen 1), and if I scan the second QR code I land on the Screen 2 of the app.
( like on different pages of the same website )

If not possible, are there alternative methods to obtain the same goal? ( linking a QR code to a specific area of a Web App)

Hey @wikilinks.infooleua0 this sounds like “Deep linking” to me.

We’ve had a couple of requests for this recently.

It’s not something that you can do in Thunkable right now, but we’re actively working on it at the moment.

Given the cross-platform nature of Thunkable X it’s hard to give a precise ETA, but curious to know if the absence of this feature is blocking you from completing your Thunkable project?



Hi Dom,
Thanks for the answer.

Yes, this missing feature is stalling the launch of the app, this would be one of the main functions.

I know that due to thunkable’s nature you can’t give me an ETA but it would be great to know if we are speaking of weeks, moths or more…just to know if i have to focus on another project or keep developing this one.

Thank you so much for the support

hi. i’m look forward to supporting deep link too.

however, is there a way to launch thunkable app with some url now? (not a certain screen, but just launching the app)
like, if click onesignal push, then the app launched.

@saramdl.gaunde021 where would you be launching it from?

I think it would vary from Android to iOS?

What sort of app are you trying to build?

oh, i meant just outside the app, (whatever it’s OS is & whichever the app is for)
like when smartphone is locked, or basic screen like no app is launched yet

i hope if i send some url in sms message or something like that, then user click the link, then launching the app. (when the app is already installed)

Got it. You could do something like this yourself manually, but it’s not a feature in Thunkable unfortunately.

If you open on your mobile device you can see a version of this that we made ourselves.

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i see. thanks!! :grinning: