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I want to make a mobile sharing economy application, but I don’t know if I can make it using Thunkable.

I want to make an app where you scan a QR code on a unique vehicle. Then you can unlock it and drive with it.

So, is it possible to make unique QR codes with Thunkable (so if people scan the qr code on a vehicle, and if they don’t have the app, they go to their browser to download the app). And when you have the app and you scan the QR code (using your camera app) you go immediately to the unique vehicle page?

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Hi and welcome to Thunkable!

Yes, it’s possible to create QR codes for use in a Thunkable app but you will need to use third-party APIs to generate the QR codes.

But it sounds like you want the QR code to take them to the app store for your Thunkable app. The QR code can only hold one url, as far as I know, so it’s not going to somehow store the url and the unique information about that vehicle. You would need to use two QR codes. But if they had the app and scanned the vehicle-specific QR code then they could be taken to a unique page/screen in the app.

I like https://www.qrstuff.com for QR code generation but I’m not sure if they have an API.

Here are a couple of forum topics that are older but might still be relevant:

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