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I’m not sure if there is any topic related to this is avaiable or not { I didn’t found any }, But by using this method that i’m going to explain you haere you can easily geberate QR codes in #thunkable-cross thunkableX apps using default image compoennt.

Here is ‘How i have donr this!’

To create QR codes we use

  • One image component to display/load QR code
  • One Button to perform action/call main url
  • One text box to set value of the QR code

and chat.googleapisURL i.e{Image_Size}&cht=qr&chl={Value_Of_QR }

Example URL [ ]

Blocks Screenshot


Hope this method is easy and useful for creating QR codes in x.thunkable using image compoennt only. If you have any query or suggestion feel free to comment, and if you found this info useful hit :heart:

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Yes, there is … I have a tutorial on how to generate qr codes.

Great tutorial btw :+1:
Thanks! :blush:


Very easy - nice!