[Open Source] Screenshot Maker



Hello everyone, I’ve been making a screenshot maker app, similar to Screener app.
So, I would like your feedback in improving it much further.

No APK for now as it is not functional yet

#Problem #1: Does the UI looks good?

App UI:

Generated Screenshot:

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I will keep asking problems like this in future posts. So, please help to complete this project in time.


New screeenshot


Nice. Didn’t know Screener. :ok_hand:


##Problem #2: Is this UI Change good?

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APK Here: ScreenShots (1).apk (2.5 MB)


This is much better!


###Almost Complete


Wow, that’s a great UI!!


##More Refinement (Final UI)

Generated Screenshot


I think I should use a flat phone mock.


Also, it allows to make screenshots for Google Play which is amazing! Beatiful UI + A lot of customization, I will definetely use it for myself! From now on for every app I upload to Google Play, I will use this app! I am just thinking how you come woth these amazing ideas.


Thanks @ILoveThunkable for the great compliment!


I had used Screener app to make screenshots for my apps, but it lacked the ability to write text on the screenshot. So, I was inspired to make this app

Also there is very little competition for these kind of apps. (screenshot makers)


I give out promo codes to @thunkers who liked this project (the main post) :blush: as this will have some in-app purchases to unlock full features.


Promo? It will be free? Or for less price?


In-app purchases for some features with ads removed.


No I mean you said you give promos? They will make price less or absolutely free?


Fully free.


Yes! Thank you so much! Also, please publish apk! I am so inpatient! I will make a few screenshots for my OpticalMath


I will add Billing, Dialogs, WebView Dialogs and Toggle Switch extensions and decide to add FAB or not and then publish the APK.


Thanks for using my WebViewer Dialog! Also you may add it tommorow? I will update by adding a lot of new features:
• Disable title
• Outside click dismisses dialog
• WebViewer control (GoBack, GoForward, URL)
• Fullscreen mode
• Additional tools