[Open Source] Screenshot Maker



If you want i can send you a new extension(not puplished) to add click listener events to image components :slight_smile:


Who are you talking to? :slight_smile: Me or @pavi2410? Because I got a notification that you referee this to me.


To @pavi2410 :smile:


Looking really good, what a great idea! :grin:


Just a question, all button are not enabled on the apk?
Because I can’t click on…

But the idea seems good!!


That must be old APK because I didn’t upload new one


Hello! I have just uploaded the alpha version of this app and it has one new frame. Hope you like it!

#Enroll into Alpha from Play Store


Please note that the generated image will scale according to your phone’s screen resolution


I enrolled, but there are way to much ads flying around the screen. It’s very annoying.
I also can’t find the generated image on my phone. Do you use a gallery refresh for instance with the extension of Taifun?


Sorry for the ads! I will fix it ASAP.

Also I will add Gallery Refresh


Note: To change frame swipe left or right


As a request, please don’t use this app now until I make an update to resolve ads problem. I’m​ afraid my account will get banned otherwise


Ok. I’ll wait for a message from you.


add me tester :slight_smile:


I have disabled testing until I fix ads problem.


Ads and gallery problem solved.

I had earlier made the interstitial ads to load on each swipe without any timers. So now, I just added a clock with time interval of 2 seconds and then load the ad. I can’t find any other good action to show ads with annoying users.


Ok i will test it when i get the new version. Were you able to add the gallery refresh?


Yes added


I will add some more frames and upload the new version.


Great, looking forward to it. :thumbsup: