Only a small problem, otherwise the best Platform!


Hello, Thunkers!
I have experienced one thing several times at Thunkable X…
Auto Compilation for every minute change
This bothers me a lot. Coz sometimes, my app goes big & it takes a lot of time for Thunkable to compile every change when blocks > 300.
So, @admins, if you people can, please solve this…
Keeping the above problem aside, Thunkable X is the best Platform I used.
The Plus-point is the both iOS + Android Development.

And I would also do a small request to the @admins for some components –

  • Notifier like Classic Thunkable.
  • Filter Bar in Listview - would be great
  • Emotion Recognizer - one more component more making app interactive
  • a lil’ complex - Web Viewer URL Tracking (if possible)
  • Custom Sidebar - only selected screens, also able open with ≡ button with a banner too.
  • Font Bold , Font size, Text allign in Simple tab of TextInput - It would be very easy :smile:

Thank you so much!
If I wrote anything wrong, please inform…

Kartik :wink:


You have notifier in X, it is called Alert, but some assembly is required because you need to set the message and title in different blocks.
You could make a procedure that takes in inputs and sets the title and buttons in the same way as the Classic notifier if you wish.


Hi there,

  1. You can use the Alert in Thunkable x like the notifier in Thunkable Classic
  2. You can see a tutorial on adding a Search Bar to your List Viewer here
  3. We’re working on adding all of the components our users know from Thunkable Classic - however, the Emotion Recogniser is not a very high priority right now
  4. You can add a Home Button that will bring your Web Viewer back to its home page (or bring it to any page), but ultimately it’s not a web browser and can’t be used like one
  5. Are you talking about the Drawer Navigator? You can already choose what Screens are visible in that. Could you make a new comment explaining this point better?
  6. I’ll pass this on - we’re working on improving a few Design components for ease of use right now!


Hi there,
1.That’s few idea to customize the design in the alert.
2.Should you (team) add some built-in or embed features in the List Viewer?Therefore,it will be amazing and easier to use.
5.Actually,All of the most thunker also intend this platform’s Drawer Navigator should built-in a hamburger icon,because that’s not useful and convenient when slide in / out.