Odd issues with setting/getting variabl values today 9/13/23

was unable to set a variable value today. had to delete the variable and create a new 1

just a heads up, not filing an official bug report unless this continues to occur and i can ID a pattern. certainly jarring and had me thinking i was doing something wrong… again

Sorry this was happening, @jared. Seems like a one-time thing–I built a new app from scratch and wasn’t unable to replicate the issue.


Did you happen to peek at the console by chance when this was happening?

super strange, i get the same no issue in a new app. this was a new app today that i am demo’ing the issue from.

thanks for checking back. if i find time i’ll run through this again and check the console!

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I am also having problems setting variables. It is driving me crazy. I’m working on a huge app and now there’s so many issues with it. I’m at a standstill now.

This is a major issue now. When you create a “get variable” or “set variable” by right clicking on that variable. It creates a second one in the list of variables. I believe this is where the conflict is from.

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Has this been reported as an official bug? I can replicate this in a new project easily.

Sample Project:

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Thanks for flagging. I will take a look at this and get an idea on what we could do to get a fix out.


Has anyone looked into this issue yet? Is this repeatable on your end?

Is this issue being investigated yet?

Sorry, all. I will take a look at this today.

I’m able to replicate the creation of a new (but with the same name) variable when right clicking on “Create ‘get/set app variable…’” Our dev team will look into this and see if we can find what is causing this and how we can release a fix. No timeline for that as of yet.

It seems now that avoiding using that right click method to create the get or set app variable is the way to go.