Numbers of Apple Certificates

I am trying to publish my app.
I allready have to app published where each app have it´s one Certificate. So i have used 2 certificate in total that is the max.
My question now is what happens if I revoke the one of them. Does that app still works where I “take” the Cirtificate from. If yes what happens when I neep to update the app where I have taken the Certificate from?
Or do I have to get a nother acount for the next 2 APP´s???
Looking forward to hear from someone…

Br. Martin

What did Apple say when you asked them about this?

I havnet afsked Them. Was hoping that you know it?

Apple know more about their own policies than random people on the Thunkable forum. Perhaps someone here knows but it’s best to ask Apple about Apple’s policies.