Expiring iOS Distribution Certificate. What to do with already published apps?

I got an email from Apple saying my iOS Distribution Certificate is expiring.

My subscription as a creator will expire in 1 year, while the Distribution Certificate will expire in 1 month.

What should I do?
Making a new certificate?
If so, what will happen to already published apps?
Thank you

Hey @trawellit - thanks for checking in on this!

Typically when you create a distribution cert the expiry is 12 months - when did you initially publish your app (or set up your developer account?)

Do you mean your Apple developer account or your Thunkable account?


Hello and thanks for the reply.

The distribution cert was created 1 year ago and is expiring, while the Apple professional account is not expiring because it has recently been renewed.

My question is:
do i have to make another certificate since the current one is expiring?

If so, what will happen to apps already published with the certificate that is expiring?

Do I have to replace the old certificate with the new one in these apps?

My fear is that published apps cannot be updated.
Thank you

Thanks for clarifying!


If I recall correctly, you need the new distribution cert if you are publishing an update to your apps.
In Apple’s communications to you, do they specify what happens if you simply let the cert expire?

Apple’s guidelines state that an app published with an expired certificate cannot be updated.

So I do a new certificate and follow the Thunkable widget to update the certificate in the already published apps?

Thank you

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