Notifications from other Apps?

I have had a quick try of thunkable, sending a message to an arduino device vie ble. that part works quite well. But I was wondering, is thunkable able to read notifications from my phone and send the text to my ble arduino? I want to make a small device with a screen, that can show my phone notifications.


I will recommend you to use Java for this purpose.
I have not used Ble Arduino, but i have used Rasberry Pi with Wifi Module for one of my project on Automated Sprinkler system, for which i created an app using Java as Backend and Flutter for frontend as it is very light and flexible, and that project was also successful and i got 100% or my project.
I have found a link source for your help. →
This is just basic use, u can research more for Arduino and Java

After starting a fresh java project in android studio and having that brand new empty project (with what looked like mountains of code to do nothing) fail to buil with 6 errors, I decided that Java is not a language I am prepared to learn.

Ok, @spinal_cord, then this means, you are a beginner, So, i will recommend you to use python at this time, it will be easy for u, it might be some slow as compared to java, but u can learn it easily and make your app easily.

you can use python on anrdoid?

Yes obviously,
Python is for all platforms, all devices and can be used everywhere - hacking to coding, Data Analysis to Business Insights, Automation to Productivity, Machine Learning to Predictive Analytics, Web Development to Online Applications, Internet of Things (IoT) to Home Automation, and everwhere.
I think python is the best alternative for any language, and python is a whole world in its own.