Send phone notifications to another device


I have just started using thunkable and I have a specific app I’d like to make.

First I will explain the apps desired functions

-When my phone receives a notification (any notification like “user1234 liked your post” or “after 200 meters turn left”) the app should send that text information to a BLE microcontroller that will be able to display that text on a screen.

Basically want to create a companion app for a heads up display device that will allow me to read phone notifications without fumbling through my phone while driving or working

I know I’ll have to use the bluetooth transmit component however I’m not sure what to add to the component to make it transmit notifications from my phone to the microcontroller.

I’m still a beginner with bluetooth but I have a slight grasp over characteristics and services but a thorough explanation would be much appreciated, for me and anyone else who will read this post in the future

Thank you in advance for what you provide, if this function is not possible to do yet I would like to urge that this becomes possible since it will give so much more potential to the possibilities as well as a huge edge over the competition since this feature doesn’t exist on other platforms.

Hey @nagup6501,

We recently added more blocks to the BLE component - do those help you with this project at all?