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hey is there a way for people to save notes not just in the local database but for if they want to move it to another phone? i have an app where people can take notes, but they keep uninstalling the app instead of updating then complain that they have lost all there notes so is another way to save it?

Maybe include an option to export to/import from Google Sheets.

You need to use a cloud database. Firebase is probably the best option but it’s possible to use Google Sheets or Airtable for this.

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ok yes i might have to do it with a sign in using the firebase then airtable to hold the notes for backup and transfer that people want to do

umm i know how to let people write to a database but how to retrieve information specific them from airtable?
like their whole list?

As I mentioned, Firebase makes more sense for storing that kind of data. You can easily add a new note as a list item to a Firebase array. In Airtable, you’d have to have a single column for all of the notes and separate them somehow (e.g. by a special character) or you’d need a bunch of empty columns to allow the user to fill them later (but then there is a limit to how many notes they can store).

In Airtable, you would get the row number that their username is in and use that row number as the row id for all get value or get row object blocks in Thunkable to get other column values in that same row.

ok i am not versed in Firebase at all… will have to learn how to do that.

Another option is Xano. I find it much easier to use than Firebase. And it has lots of really helpful videos to get you started and deal with any questions you may have.

thanks i will look it up

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