Notch padding on iPhoneX

Hello, I am working on a prototype that has a hard requirement to use all available screen space. Currently I have a screen with a Web View that requests content to be displayed ‘full screen’ using the available real estate, but in the production app it does not extend into the notch area or below the dock line at the bottom of the iPhone X. Is there anyway to force the app to use all available screen space?

Here’s a screenshot from my phone with the annotated areas:


I have been wanting this too but I think it’s an iPhone thing and a limitation of the thunkable platform at this time. Most apps have those. The best you can do is disable the top tab from displaying and you can change the background color. I haven’t figured out how to extend my background image to that space, even when I use the cover setting. It stops at the top and is followed by the background color.