Not Able to Delete Sprite from Canvas

Hi, I am creating a simple doodle App. I don’t need the Sprite component that is there already. When I delete, the page becomes blank. I have tried number of times. The Sprite is still there. Here is the link of the Project and a short video to show what happens when I delete the Sprite.
Please help.

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Try not to delete the sprite, but to position it off the screen so that it doesn’t get in the way.

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This is happening to me and all my students. I have been telling them what actech said, but I would like to know an actual solution to this instead of a work around. My students get confused enough without having dangling sprites…

Ok. Is there a way to report this bug to Thunkable guys?

Thank You. It worked. For now I will use this trick. :slight_smile:

Thanks @madhumita - that video is super helpful.

Can you see if there is any error in the browser console when the screen goes white?

This will give us a clue as to where the error is occurring.


Here is a screenshot of the error in the browser console.