New to Thunkable X (need help) databases

Hello im currently new to Thunkable X

I know this probably posted on a wrong section sorry if it is.

Im just wondering if there is anything like TinyDb on Thunkable X im used to using the classic version and have just got Thunkable Pro. I want to set it up so when someone loads up the app it will keep there score from previous games and also would the score keep if you use the web version of the app if you understand what I mean.

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Hey @Cohen_Vickers_Extent,

Please see This example

Pull out the side tabb navigator and scroll down to “cloud counting”

I think this will help.

You’ll either use the RealtimeDB directly or indirectly through the use if the Cloud variables.

Here’s an example

This is that app as a web app. It requires sign in so any user can use this and keep their data private

Thank you this means alot :slight_smile: ill have a check now and see how I get on.

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Okay ive got something working thank you but I have noticed that I cant the textbox to work on android it just refreshs the app when im in Live view everytime i click a textbox do you know a fix?

when you type text on your computer or in the app on your phone, it refreshes the app?

So Mobile Web App on android I cant get the Textbox to work when I click it refreshs the mobile app before allowing me to input any text I tried removing my loading screen because it just kept sending me back there