Help, Objects and Realtime Database. Thunkable DnD

Can someone please give me an example of how I’m supposed to create an object to send it to firebase realtime Database please?

Edit: I checked the Thunkable docs but I can’t make it work.

We can definitely help but you’ll need to post a screenshot of the blocks you’ve tried and explain what happens you preview it.

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Okay! Sorry. So this Is my Block

My screen is a signup screen where the user enters the data I ask, then the user presses a button and the data that was received should go to a database and then jump to the next screen but when I test it with my phone, I enter all the data and press the button and it won’t jump to the next screen for some time, after waiting an amount of time, it jumps to the next screen but when I check Firebase Realtime Database, there’s nothing uploaded to the data base

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